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Syracuse can be a great place to live- we’re centrally located in the state with a beautiful landscape surrounding us, a revitalized and historic downtown, awesome parks, an amazing history, all sorts of things to do and with a low cost of living to boot! But just because it can be a great place doesn’t mean we always do a great job of showing it off to the outside world.

Sick of the bitter folks who refuse to see the silver-lining? Sick of angry folks who don’t know a good thing when they see it? Sick of all the negativity festering in the comment sections on websites with news about Syracuse? So are we. It’s time to do something about it.

Upbeat Syracuse is a news aggregating website that exists to link to all the upbeat and positive things happening in Syracuse and the surrounding area! We all know that life can be a struggle, and Syracuse has seen some hard times, but why let the negativity bring you down? Don’t focus on the negative things since that’ll get you nowhere, focus on the good things and what’s being done to make and keep Syracuse one of the best places to live! There’s always good news to be seen, and if you’re looking to read all of it and then you’ve found your place!